If you think there is a ‘e’ missing between F and b in the title , you’re right, the left hand finger is responsible for inputting that ‘e’ ,  and  I have an incised left palm that I am trying to work with, despite its protests.

Well after a supposedly ambitious start of this space for rant, it seems Snoopy had cursed me bad for putting it in my profile picture and calling it a ‘bumm’ that it had caused somehow to slash my left palm myself  unintended in a little hasty act on the verge of amusing my tongue , which has a never-ending predilection of those ‘burnt umber’ little delicacies.I will defer divulging the exact act which caused the incision, lest Snoopy should recommend  Charles Schulz to include me along with Charlie Brown and gang as one of the lead caricatures for  ‘peanuts’.

There was an immediate gush of a mini fountain of blood. The delicacy had slipped out in this moment of mayhem freaking out my ‘cube’ mate to such an extent that he thought i actually had chopped of one of my fingers.   The pudding was spared and the palm was spoiled.

We immediately rushed over to medical centre  of our office complex, only to discover there were no doctors or staff who knew first aid in the facility. Nothing, except for a  pretty attendant woman looking so helpless that i actually pitied her . It is amazing how human mind could fathom a thing like this  in the same time you are thinking  whether the knife that had just slashed your hand had maybe grazed a nerve also.

We then rushed outside to get an auto rickshaw to get to the nearest hospital, the driver , who by the way, really seemed to be a pro with charting out the longest possible route one could ever take for the shortest destination in the slowest speed possible. I spilled some blood in his vehicle as a sign of gratitude.

An attendant outside the hospital welcomed and led us to the emergency room as if we had come to attend Al Gore’s TED talk.The medical staff cleaned my blood soaked hands to offer me a clearer look of the cut , running across the midsection of the palm, baring some flesh, beaming a smiley’s smile.

The on duty medical ‘intensivist’ then came to  examine the mess in my hand and declared that the cut was after all superficial . All of a sudden the emergency room door flung open  and a team of medical staff came inside bringing a man on the stretcher with a body full of bloodshed. It seems this fellow had  attempted a far enterprising adventure of pursuing a close overtake of a bus and a delayed sudden brake .He was soon forcefully dislodged from his vehicle by a ‘on the go’ unforeseen brutal force ,body coasting effortlessly  to the underneath of the underbelly of the bus.Thankfully the bus it seemed had stopped immediately and a James Bond becoming mincemeat transmogrification was  averted for  the day.

I  was asked to wait, for the fellow did deserve immediate medical attention. Atleast my bleeding had stopped.

An artwork of a  1×6 stitch had to be made to shut the smiling smiley’s mouth. I returned home early in the evening from office as the effects of the local anesthesia began to wean out and a short and sweet of a  painful evening ensued.

Well, in all justification of ‘haste makes waste’, the issue could have been sorted out with just one in hundredth of  whatever i had to expend on this one act show, one has to be always careful and exercise extra caution in potentially perilous situations. Afterall not all failed adventures are intended. Isn’t it?